Case studies

We’re fortunate to work with some amazing brands. Here’s a sample of the successes we’ve achieved over the years
Bleach London
Bleach London hired us to take control of their product offerings on Amazon and navigate the complexities of wrestling back control from resellers and creating unique strategies that improved margins ...
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As premium-priced products in an ultra-competitive category in the US marketplace, Zoku realised it would need to explore all avenues to reach its full potential on the platform. Although the ...
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MiHigh hired us to navigate all the complexities of Amazon and grow its business by optimising its presence across all touch points of the Amazon ecosystem, including paid marketing and ...
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Tenjaku Whisky
Tenjaku is a Japanese Whisky with a pure, mellow flavour. A carefully selected and unprocessed whisky with pure, natural spring water that is expertly blended to create a distinctive taste ...
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