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Helping Your Brand to Win on Amazon

It’s no stretch to say that Amazon is a ‘pay to play’ marketplace. Developing the right advertising strategy is crucial to the success of every product sold on Amazon.

Our marketing team will develop tailored solutions based on your business objectives. Whether that building momentum for new products, launching into new markets or building product awareness. We know what works and how to achieve it.

Our multilingual team manages PPC and Demand Side Platform (DSP) across the globe.  

We combine individual ad specialists and SEO specialists to better optimise keyword performance. This unique system helps generate keyword focused sales and raise the rank of your product as efficiently as possible.

We provide the human touch with our specialists offering an expert led approach to what works on Amazon and not a fully automated keyword service.

Global Campaign Experience

FordeBaker Approach

Drive Traffic

We boost growth on your selected marketplaces by driving traffic to your products from Amazon search.

Build Awareness

We overcome competitive categories by formulating advertising strategies that build brand awareness and increase market share.

Sponsored Products 

Creation of Sponsored Product campaigns using highly tuned targeting methods and segmentation.

Sponsored Brands

Creation of creative ads that help shoppers discover your brand and products.

Targeted Display Advertising

Reach Amazon shoppers both on and off the platform through Amazon DSP and Ad Console. With strategists on hand to granularly target audiences based on your exact needs.

Search Behaviour Insight

We deep dive into data to discover user search behaviour insights to understand your ideal audience and discover new keywords for content and advertising.

Advertising Promise

Optimised Spending

By diving deep into your ad portfolio, we will restructure campaigns as necessary so you regain control and cut wasted advertising spending.

Monitoring & Reporting

We create bespoke advertising and performance dashboards that allow you to accurately monitor your ROI as it happens.

Whether you’re a large multinational or smaller enterprise, we have reports to suit your needs and those at all levels of your company.

You’ll also have a dedicated account manager who will take you through each step of the monitoring and reporting process.

Ongoing Refinement

We constantly monitor search terms, evolve targeting and negative out those high-spending (and non-converting) keywords. Budget allocation and individual and category bids are managed on an ongoing basis to align with ACOS / ROAS targets that suit your exact business needs. 

Business Intelligence

Get the most from promotional activities and solve stock and storage issues as we help prioritise your business activities through the correct spend allocation across the Amazon advertising ecosystem.


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