TikTok Shop Workshop

Interested in launching on TikTok Shop but want to learn more before committing?

Book a remote or in-person half or full day workshop with FordeBaker’s TikTok and Marketplace experts to get up to speed with Amazon’s biggest rival.

What You Will Learn in the Workshop

What is the Business Case for Launching on TikTok?
  • How Does TikTok Shop Work?
  • What is the Opportunity?
  • How might it Impact and Benefit other Channels?
Launch Best Practices and Channel Marketing
  • How to Establish Objectives
  • Using a Campaign Approach to Launch Products
  • What are Your Marketing Channels (Affiliates/Creators, Advertising & Content)
  • Breakdown of How Best-Performing Brands Do It
  • How to Leverage the TikTok Algorithm to Increase Reach
How to Operationalise TikTok Shop
  • How are TikTok Shop Teams Structured? 
  • How does Fulfilment work/What are the Costs?
  • Best Practices for Maintaining Shop Account Health

Do This Workshop if You Want to

  • Increase revenue and diversify sales channels
  • Improve product discoverability
  • Find new audiences and remain connected to existing ones

Who is it for?

  • Teams or individuals that are considering launching on TikTok Shop but want to learn more before committing
  • Senior Leaders and Business Owners
  • Head of Ecommerce/Marketplaces/Marketing

Fees & Logistics 

  • UK – at your office (travel expenses applied) or present remotely
  • US – remote only
  • Half day session = £1,200 / $1,500
  • Full day session = £2,000 / $3,000

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Meet Your WorkShop Leaders 

Amelia Tranter

TikTok Shop Lead at FordeBaker

Leveraging experience gained from working with beauty and fashion brands over the last 3 years on Amazon to grow their presence and  build success on TikTok Shop.

Tom Baker

CEO at FordeBaker

Over 7 years experience selling on Amazon. Previously spent 12 years in various ecommerce roles with start-ups and multinational brands. Tom now leads business operations as well as developing new services.