Vendor Central Consultancy & Management

Global strategy led by former Vendor Managers and Amazon Vendor Services (AVS) experts

Experienced Vendor Team to Meet any 1P Challenge

Our specialist Amazon Vendor Central team will establish business objectives, improve margins, operational effectiveness and lead Annual Vendor Negotiations (AVN)

Experience in the Face of Increasing Complexity

Over the years, Amazon has continually refined its channel strategy, balancing 1P and 3P to drive growth and boost profitability.

This includes removing unprofitable listings, negotiating more favourable trading terms, transferring operational costs to vendors, doubling down efforts to enhance supply chain efficiency, and adjusting the allocation of Amazon Vendor Service resources.

These changes have made Amazon Vendor partnerships increasingly complex. Our team of experts is here to guide you through these challenges and ensure a successful partnership with Amazon

FordeBaker Approach

Ex-Amazon & Industry Experts

With our team of experienced former Amazonians, we offer exclusive insights into Amazon’s mindset and processes. We help you develop effective strategic and tactical plans that align with Amazon’s evolving landscape.

Our goal is to elevate your partnership with Amazon in the US, UK and EU, enabling you to unlock your brand’s full potential, realise your ambitions, and turn this partnership into a significant avenue for growth and profitability.

Let us guide you through Amazon’s complexities, and together, we’ll transform your Amazon strategy into a leading source of success for your business.

Cost Effective Solutions

Hiring Amazon Vendor Services (AVS) might seem beneficial, but it can be expensive and doesn’t always deliver results that meet your expectations.

FordeBaker offers a more affordable option, serving as an enhancement on AVS and a complement to your internal team.

We provide consultancy expertise and also a wider range of marketing and creative services you need, without the high cost. All aimed at allowing you to achieve your goals in the most commercially-effective way.

Supported by Expert Marketing Team

At FordeBaker, we’re not just a Vendor Central consultancy service.

Unlike AVS and other Amazon programs we have expertise across advertising, SEO, listing optimisation and creative services.

Consider us to be a one-stop shop for all of your Amazon marketplace needs.

As a global, multi-lingual team we are able to lead Vendor account and increase sales across the US, UK and all other Amazon markets.

Meet Some Of Our Vendor Central Experts

Linzy Huang

Head of Marketplace Strategy

An ex-Amazonian with over 13 years of e-commerce experience. At Amazon, Linzy built cross-functional expertise and led vendor management teams to achieve ambitious growth and profit targets through AVNs and operational excellence.

Laurent Crastes de Paulet

Head of Marketplace Marketing

Former Amazonian with over 12 years of experience in e-commerce and digital marketing. At Amazon Laurent led AVS programs for many FMCG brands

Renzo Maio

Vendor Central Account Strategist

Former Brand Specialist at Amazon. At Amazon Renzo operated Vendor accounts for global health beauty and personal care brands. He now leads our biggest 1P accounts.

US, UK and EU Vendor Central Clients

Amazon Vendor Central Services

Annual Vendor Negotiation (AVN)
  • Analyse historical performance and review trading terms agreement with Amazon
  • Former experienced Amazonians’ on your side. Our team know all the tactics and negotiation levers from Amazon to ensure you are getting the best rates available.
  • Profitability is a major focus and a common concern among vendors, and Amazon Vendor Negotiations is a key lever that fundamentally impacts your business operations and strategies
  • Experience improved profitability such as one pet food client that increase margin by 10%
Forecasting & Demand Planning
  • We help ‘new to Amazon’ brands to create tangible short-to-mid-term goals, which are monitored closely, then develop longer-term forecasts based on data received and how the market has reacted to the launch.
  • We devise robust frameworks for brands with multiple years of data already at play to forecast annual sales and profitability.
  • Get ready for peak season with our robust forecasting models and planning experience
  • We’ll also train your teams and improve internal processes to increase Purchase Order acceptance rates.
Operational Excellence & Chargeback Control
  • Review Amazon key availability metrics and deep dive root causes, understand supply chain defects and create action plans
  • Direct Fulfilment, Vendor Flex, Global Store, Full Truckload/Pallet Ordering, Born to Run, Bulk Buy Ordering. We help you identify and propose Amazon supply chain programmes to drive operational efficiencies and global expansion 
  • Best practices and implementation of process change to minimise costs from chargebacks, inbound defects, and returns
  • Tactics to consolidate multiple Purchase Orders (PO) allowing your resource to focus on other strategic activities.

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