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Helping Your Brand to Win on Amazon

FordeBaker exists to answer the big questions. We’ll take ownership of the strategy and make the right calls every step of the way from day one.

For those new to Amazon, this includes how to sell on the platform, formulation of revenue and profit targets, product selection, selecting the countries to launch in and budget allocation to make those targets a reality.

For brands with many years on Amazon looking to revive or enhance performance, we will help you regain control and offer the insight and experience needed to meet commercial objectives and choose the most profitable path.

FordeBaker Approach

Seller vs Vendor vs Hybrid

The most crucial choice a brand can make when engaging with Amazon.

We advise on the best distribution method for your brand between seller, vendor or a hybrid model and simplify the ins and outs of each while helping you understand your relationship with Amazon.

FordeBaker has deep expertise running operations using both programs and hybrid models, making us uniquely placed to assess and provide the right direction for your brand.

We analyse the pros and cons based on your specific needs, margins and operational capabilities, including an analysis of your product range, organisation and competitors. Then, we will build you a customised strategic plan for your business that will allow you to achieve your growth targets.

Objectives & Strategy

Our highly trained Account Strategists will carry out a complete analysis of your catalogue, competition and category to identify the most lucrative products.

We will help you devise realistic yet challenging goals and guide you on whether to focus on revenue or profit.

We will assess market demand, consumer behaviour, category trends, competition and pricing to set annual month-to-month objectives and advise on the missteps to avoid.

From major retail holidays like Prime Day to coupons and everything in between. We have the expertise to plan your promotional strategy to take advantage of the events that will provide the best ROI.

Experience across a variety of brands, product categories and countries enables us to know what’s important and what’s not. That reduces time spent on low-impact activities and increases the chances of success.

New Product Launches

Launch and scale new products quickly, efficiently and effectively with a multilingual team and high-growth mentality adept at launching across multiple countries simultaneously.

Having launched over 500 SKUs on Amazon globally, we know what works and what doesn’t. Plus, we know what it takes to become a best seller on Amazon, and we’ll explain in simple terms what is required.

So you’ll be able to communicate to all levels of the organisation exactly how your brand is working towards success.

International Expansion

We have proven processes to introduce products to new markets and ready-made audiences across the globe.

Working with stakeholders across your business, we’ll design your expansion plan while balancing reach, opportunity and operational complexity.

We have experience across all Amazon marketplaces, so whether you want to launch a new product on one marketplace or expand across continents, we have a multilingual and international team that makes global selling easy.

We’ll lead the process and make sure your business is ready to expand and capitalise on the opportunity.

Global Campaign Experience

Budget & Measurement

We will design a budget plan and appropriate ways to define success depending on your Amazon account’s maturity and brand.

Help you achieve and maintain the high-performance targets with a dedicated account strategist providing ongoing direction to help improve performance.

As performance matures, we’ll hone in on product-level strategies to ensure the budget is spent in the most effective areas yielding the greatest results possible.

Forecasting & Demand Planning

We help ‘new to Amazon’ brands to create tangible short-to-mid-term goals, which are monitored closely, then develop longer-term forecasts based on data received and how the market has reacted to the launch.

We devise robust frameworks for brands with multiple years of data already at play to forecast annual sales and profitability.

In both instances, we’ll re-model our forecasts to assist with demand planning and replenishment, with many brands dependent upon seasonality.


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