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Elevate Your Brand Above the Noise

Amazon is an uncompromising beast and the best way to reach your desired customers on the platform is through value-added material that educates and assists the consumer’s purchase decision.

Our dedicated creative team works with your brand to build trust, exemplify your expertise, persuasively convey your products benefits and ultimately get the sales you need to continue your growth.

With multilingual and multinational capabilities that makes our creative resonate throughout the globe with content that caters to the specific audience in that marketplace.

At FordeBaker, we take a holistic approach to creative campaigns for your brand. Brand immersion, competitor research, market research are integrated into the creative process to drive the brief for our creative process.

Our team of copywriters and graphic designers then create collateral that propels your listings to top-ranking spots and also helps your advertising spend work harder for you through better advertising ROI.

Global Campaign Experience

FordeBaker Approach

Trusted Creative Partner

We offer all creative services under one roof. Our creative team handles all branding aspects across Amazon to attract the right audience for your brand.

Establish Brand

Deep knowledge of Amazon best practices to create Amazon listings that reflect the value of your brand and products while remaining consistent with your brand messaging off-Amazon.

Brand Immersion

We educate ourselves deeply on every client, so we can educate consumers in the same way. This process removes the possibility of disconnect between brand and FordeBaker and leads to powerful Amazon creative.

Market Research

On and off Amazon competitor analysis to better understand your market, identify gaps, improve marketing and to help plan and execute the most effective creative.

Keyword Optimisation

We work closely with our SEO and listing optimisation team to execute upon an effective keyword strategy that includes titles, bullets, product descriptions etc.. and that leads to a significant increase in traffic and conversion.

High Impact Listings

Generation of high-impact product catalogues on Amazon that are attractive to consumers, favouring Keywords indexing, conversion and QLS (Quality Listing Score).

Content at Scale

We produce high quality content at scale for accounts with 100s of SKUs – with the ability to create eye-catching creative for even the largest distributors with multiple verticals and multiple brands.

Creative Promise

Visually Engaging

Producers of stunning designs and creative assets for new product listings. We also carry out a proper audit of existing listings and brand images. We create the perfect mix of product photos, lifestyle images, infographics and more that help convert.

Full Listing Lifecycle

We create persuasive and eye-catching product catalogues on Amazon that are tailored to the Amazon shopper with pinpoint accuracy in targeting the best-fit audience.

Premium A+ Content

Creation of standard A+ content and premium A+ content to help your brand provide the best online shopping experience possible. We concept, write, create and design A+ content that maximises sales.

Brand Story

Creation of compelling brand stories utilising text, images and videos to strongly communicate your brand and what you stand for. Helps reinforce branding, showcase product catalogue and helps drive more sales.

Storefront Designs

Creation of a rich multimedia content branded online store with attractive imagery and video on Amazon that enhances brand image and further builds connection with consumers. Optimised throughout the year to take advantage of seasonality and offers.


We specialise in creating informative video content that can take place on your Amazon listings and brand store as well as creating Ad Videos that help advertising reach and CTR ultimately leading to greater conversion.


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