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Our team of Amazon SEO specialists design customised organic growth strategies in the most demanding categories.

Helping Your Brand to Win on Amazon

We offer more than just marketing services; we provide valuable consultancy for brands seeking to leverage Amazon’s global opportunities. Whether you are interested in selling as a Vendor, Seller, or a combination of both, and whether your target market is Europe, the US, or Asia, our SEO capabilities, resources, and expertise are perfectly aligned to support your ambitious goals.

With millions of products available on Amazon, ensuring your offerings stand out from the competition and reach the right audience is crucial. Our Amazon SEO services are designed to enhance your product listings and boost your visibility within search results.

Our dedicated, experienced, and multilingual SEO specialists have years of experience across product categories and countries.

They possess a deep understanding of algorithm changes, industry trends, and best practices to help you significantly increase the chances of improving your bottom line by attracting potential customers and driving more organic sales.

Global Campaign Experience

FordeBaker Approach

Brand Immersion

We go beyond the surface, immersing ourselves in your ideal target audience, unravelling your brand story, and uncovering the essence of what truly sets your products apart.

Tailored Keyword & Competitor Research

We specialise in conducting comprehensive keyword and competitor research explicitly tailored to your needs, ensuring optimal results in your product category, marketplace and language (localised, not guesswork SEO)

Personalised SEO Strategies

Cutting-edge keyword identification techniques that maximise your products visibility and success by uncovering the most lucrative keywords for both new product launches and existing product pages.

Strategic Collaboration

Creativity meets strategic precision, as our specialists work closely with the creative team to design listings with sky-high conversion rates.

Simultaneously, we identify high-opportunity search term targets, empowering our PPC specialists to channel a steady stream of quality traffic to your listings.

Transparent Tracking

Gain invaluable insights into your organic rank progress through our customised dashboard, meticulously designed to monitor strategic keywords that drive your success. With session and conversion rate monitoring at your fingertips, you’ll comprehensively understand your campaign’s impact.

Dedicated & Continuous Optimisation

Committed to fine-tuning every aspect of your product’s presence. Harnessing the power of A/B Title and Bullet Point testing, we employ a data-driven approach to unlock new levels of visibility and captivate your target audience. With backend and seasonal updates, ensure your products remain relevant and discoverable as the Amazon algorithm evolves.


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