Amazon Listing Optimisation

Grow your sales through increased traffic and conversion with optimised content

Our team of Amazon listing optimisation specialists upgrade your product listings regularly in order to stand out from the competition and increase your market share.

Want to grow your Amazon sales?

Our team of Amazon Listing Optimisation Specialists will help you gain more orders, boost profits and increase brand share.

Elevate Your Brand Above the Noise

Elevate your e-commerce success through our Amazon Listing Optimisation services, designed to navigate the ever-changing Amazon landscape, entice potential customers and give you a compelling edge that drives your products into the limelight.

Armed with a profound understanding of Amazon’s dynamics, we’ve perfected a strategy to counter such stagnation. Our approach involves an incisive analysis and a holistic optimisation process that guarantees your listings remain not merely pertinent, but profitable. 

Our team of dedicated, experienced and multilingual Listing Optimisation specialists have years of experience responding to the complexities of fast changing customer habits and increased competition, having worked across almost every category and marketplace that Amazon Seller and Vendor has to offer for years.

Global Campaign Experience

Listing Optimisation Case Studies


Repositioning product from weatherproof to waterproof increases conversion rate by 33%

Rigorous optimisation identifies high click thru rate for ‘waterproof’ based ad campaigns and organic rankings

A/B title test carried shows 99% probability for repositioning leading to more sales

Conversion rate increases 33% in subsequent months.

Park Life Designs

Repositioning product to focus on ceramic niche increases conversion by nearly 10%

Optimisation review process identified opportunity with A+ content
Positive results yielded a 7% CVR increase
Applied to wider portfolio which has seen significant conversion increase.


Using Multi-buy Promotions to Increase Average Order Value by 23% 

Reviewed client’s and competitors pages to identify the products that are frequently bought together

Carried out market basket analysis, enabling us to understand consumer purchase behaviour on a deeper level

Reviewed ranking data to understand product-level performance and also spot seasonal trends

Utilised this information to combine seasonality and consumer behaviour to create impactful multi buy promotions that grouped complementary products.

Sea Magik

Repositioning product enables #1 Organic Rank on Amazon

Positioned as mineral shampoo on brand website
After thorough keyword research, FordeBaker discovers high volume for ‘Salicylic acid shampoo’ which applies to the product
Reposition product on Amazon to reflect this and the product reaches #1 organic rank on Amazon.

FordeBaker Approach

1. Rigorous Analysis

Using monthly data-driven insights to identify listing optimisation opportunities based on your product’s performance, including CTR, Sessions, CVR, Organic Rank and search volume trends.

Review analysis on your products and competitors to see why customers purchase your product and how they use it, and identify customer pain points once they receive it.

Keeping close tabs on competitors by comparing the on-page content of your product’s closest competition to your listing and responding to pricing & promotional changes.

2. Educated Hypothesising

Taking all of this into consideration to build a hypothesis for

  • A/B Testing a new Title, set of bullet points, A+ or Main Image
  • Updating your image gallery, store and brand module 
  • Making the most of seasonal opportunities

3. Professional Integration & Testing

Collaborating with our team of specialists to make that happen 

  • Providing the content and copywriting team with these insights from steps 1, 2 and 3
  • Sharing new and high opportunity search terms with our Amazon PPC specialists to drive that traffic to the listings

4. Reflective Learning & Improvement

Monitoring performance once that strategy has been implemented

  • Before and after comparison 
  • Taking the time to understand performance  
  • Updating successful optimisations
  • Identifying the next opportunity


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