Your Marketplace Business Partner

Not your standard marketing agency. We’re here to manage every aspect of your Amazon store and achieve superior results.

Who we are?

We’re a multinational team of former Amazon employees, Amazon sellers and in-house brand managers.

We’ve combined the very best marketplace strategists, marketing specialists and creatives to deliver your business goals not just marketing metrics.

What’s great about working for FordeBaker is its people, who have the skills to adapt in order to meet the different challenges of the businesses we serve.

Same great service, customised to each client’s business objectives

We work with all types of brands in many different product verticals; from ambitous start-ups to multinationals needing specialist marketplace expertise.

Why We Exist

I’m Tom, founder of FordeBaker. I started my journey with Amazon over 7 years ago.

Whilst working in-house for a toy brand I was tasked with launching them onto Amazon. With no prior experience I immediately looked for external help.

The trouble was that I couldn’t find an agency that had the depth of knowledge, expertise and scale that I needed. Instead I learnt everything myself.

I made mistakes and learned the hard way. Through that experience I realised there must be other brands out there with similar challenges.

And so, that’s why I created FordeBaker. I have designed the agency to solve these problems.

We’re a multinational, multilingual team

Amazon offers unprecedented opportunities to grow internationally.

We’re a global team covering all Amazon marketplaces.

With local specialists we know how to set you up in any country and adapt to local regulations and cultural differences.

We go far beyond a normal agency service provider

We offer a full service. Brands send their stock to Amazon and we take care of the rest. Strategy, marketing, content and operations all in one cohesive unit.

We treat each client as a business partner. Afterall, we’re managing their store on the Amazon marketplace.

We are experts in every facet of selling on Amazon. We offer that expertise in all countries and for all types of products.

We recruit the best and commit to delivering the highest standards of service. We’re a credible team that knows how to deliver for ambitious clients.

Flexibility is a core part of who we are as a business

We always design customised services around your exact needs. There’s no time tracking, day rates or fixed packages at FordeBaker.

Instead we prefer to give clients choice. That way our fees reflect want clients want, not the other way around.

Fixed monthly retainer

Businesses that prefer the certainty of a fixed investment.

Lower monthly retainer
plus revenue share

Business that need lower upfront costs in order to accelerate growth.

Some businesses ask us to provide advertising services only

Some businesses want to retain some work in-house and collaborate with our advertising team to provide scale and expertise.