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From Zero to £250k in Under a Year: How to Grow Organically on Amazon


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“By combining a meticulously crafted SEO strategy with eye-catching creative work, we not only exceeded Sea Magik’s sales targets but also propelled the brand to new heights on Amazon. Our results confirm that in the right scenario and with the right strategy growth on Amazon is possible without advertising spend”

Amelia Tranter – Account Strategist

Sea Magik is a mineral skin & hair brand established for over 40 years, trusted and loved in the Beauty industry, with a loyal consumer following.  The brand recently went through a rebranding exercise, re-establishing some of their key priorities along with their hero product line up.  They are dedicated to solving problem skin through the power of mineral skincare.

Sea Magik engaged our services with a clear directive: to optimise its sales potential on Amazon specifically wanting to test the opportunity for organic growth to see if the brand’s USP of solving problem skin through mineral skincare could cut through in the fiercely competitive landscape of health and beauty.  Despite the lack of ad spend we achieve stellar results, reaching £250k annualised sales. 


In collaboration with the brand’s Founder, we worked on business objectives, some were revenue based and some more aligned with testing how key ingredients and benefits would resonate.  We chose a hero product, with a targeted customer profile, that delivered very specific benefits, and would give us some bandwidth to be creative with our keyword strategy.  The revenue targets began with achieving between £8K-£10K by month six, and then onwards to secure monthly sales of £20K entirely from organic optimization. 

In the past, the brand had attempted to manage Amazon operations in-house, achieving some success during 2018-2019. However, these efforts were short lived and the brand engaged with FordeBaker in 2022 for a more strategic approach to navigate Amazon’s complexities while reinforcing Sea Magik’s distinctive brand.


To achieve the outlined objectives, our approach began with Amazon SEO. Through meticulous keyword research across each category we identified target keywords characterised by low competition and high search volume. 

These keywords were strategically integrated into product titles, on-page content, and backend metadata, optimising the listings for search visibility. Insights gleaned from this research also informed the creation of visually engaging image galleries and compelling A+ content, ensuring a seamless retail experience for potential customers.

A prime example of our innovative approach can be seen in the Mineral Shampoo listing by strategically positioning the product as ingredient-specific and solution led, very much part of the Brands DNA.  We highlighted its salicylic acid content with the added benefit of addressing psoriasis, we were able to tailor the content to resonate with the experiences and desires of the target audience. 

Instead of pursuing broad, high-volume generic shampoo keywords, we conducted thorough research to pinpoint hyper-relevant audiences. Opting for relevance over sheer volume, especially during the initial launch phase, resulted in attracting a highly converting customer base.

This focused approach not only enhanced the product’s relevance, but also contributed to a notable increase in conversion rate, showcasing the effectiveness of our creative strategy. 


In just three months, the brand not only achieved its targeted £8-10k in sales but surpassed £10k by month 4. Growth was purely led by a surge in organic rankings, with sessions skyrocketing by 1298%, from 509 sessions in October 2022 to 7,116 sessions in July 2023.

Organic Keyword Ranking Improvements

The already much loved product was now a standout hero, representing 17% of total sales, emerged as a direct result of a robust SEO strategy.

This best seller experienced a remarkable doubling of sales month-over-month, propelled by a significant increase in top three organic rankings for targeted keywords. 

Sea Magik, as a brand focused on efficacy, with products developed specifically around natural ingredients, achieving these results through specific ingredient, benefit driven SEO was a powerful way to see how results could be achieved on Amazon.

Moreover, coupling these strategies with retail-ready listing optimisations offers a foolproof approach to jumpstart sales revenue without the need for advertising expenditure. 

Implementing this approach across the entire portfolio resulted in a significant increase in sessions and a remarkable 20% rise in conversion rates across the board. This achievement underscores the potency of driving highly relevant traffic tailored to customer needs. This ability to simultaneously boost sessions and conversion rates is the holy grail of organic performance. 

Sea Magik was keen to grow Amazon sales without cannibalising sales from other retailers. The brand’s retail sales also increased last year, indicating our focus on attracting ‘new to brand’ customers through non-brand keywords has has a significant incremental impact on Sea Magik’s business.

By emulating these tactics, other brands can unlock their potential for exponential growth and competitiveness on Amazon.

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