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Establishing a Multi-Million Dollar Product Less Than a Year from Launch







“We had been tasked with achieving rapid growth while repositioning the brand to D2C, combating fake imitation products and selling on a competitive marketplace at a premium price point. With rich listings, aggressive advertising campaigns and portfolio diversification, we were able to reach and exceed our initial goals.”
Tom Baker


Flairosol is a next-gen spray solution that ticks all the boxes of a variety of application areas. It combines sustainability with high performance and convenience with premium quality. Flairosol offers a solution that is good for people and the planet.

Flairosol hired us to help them launch onto Amazon US – this included helping them redefine and reposition themselves from a solely B2B brand to a direct-to-consumer approach. Paid marketing, brand management, and creative were just some of the other critical cornerstones of the full-service agreement. Ultimately the success of the launch onto Amazon US established a multi-million dollar product less than a year after its launch.


Flairosol was already established as a success in B2B, providing bottle products to customers such as Procter & Gamble. Flairosol noticed that consumers were using the empty bottle in new ways and realised the potential to tap into this direct-to-consumer market and pinpointed Amazon as the best entry point.

They found mastering the complexity of Amazon and direct-to-consumer positioning a challenge and needed an Amazon agency partner with deep expertise in both in order to meet their ambitious revenue goals.

An added challenge was that the Flairosol Reusable Spray Bottle would be at a premium price point with many cheaper imitations costing half that on Amazon.

The priority was to help develop D2C branding, packaging and pre-Amazon set-up, finalising the more consumer-friendly Flairosol product and launching it on Amazon US. Alongside this, there was a need to remove sellers that were infringing on the Flairosol trademark.

Depending on the success of this launch, there would be the potential to launch more products and diversify the Flairosol portfolio on Amazon.


To begin, we immersed ourselves in Flairosol, learning everything from its B2B background up to, and including, its D2C aspirations.

We conducted thorough competitor analysis of the best sellers on Amazon. Doing so enabled us to make branding decisions that would allow us to target the right audience with the right product, showing the most prominent use cases, reflecting and addressing consumer pain points from similar products, and helping Flairosol translate this to its own D2C offering.

We coupled this with the need to justify the higher price point to consumers. Firstly, we set out a comprehensive communication strategy that focuses on why the product offers higher quality and effectiveness than cheaper alternatives.

This is getting across the ‘why buy’ principle. Amazon listings must be convincing to get customers to part with their cash. For example, the value exchange could be a simple practical exchange, such as a supplement that lasts for two months, or it could be an emotional exchange, i.e. by spending more, you get a better quality product.

A snippet from the listing copy:
ADVANCED FEATURES: Unique patented technology and design that provides the ultimate misting experience. Ultra-fine continuous mist that sprays at any angle, evenly over large areas. Ergonomic with a comfortable grip, leak-proof, and super quiet.

With just a few words, we could communicate the patented technology and design with the continuous misting experience that sprays at any angle, and evenly over large areas. At the same time, the product is comfortable, leak-proof and quiet. Many of the cheaper products on Amazon are hampered by inconsistent misting experience, unable to cover large areas evenly or spray at any angle. Many are not leak-proof and provide a hissing noise.

This communication bled into the advertising strategy as well. We took the approach that much of the education around these concepts should be established before the shopper reaches the product pages themselves. We were able to make this happen by coordinating with Flairosol’s ‘off-Amazon’ teams and implementing well-judged use of video and display on Amazon.

We conducted extensive keyword research that drove the initial advertising strategy through sponsored ads targeting high-intent/high-relevance keywords. This advertising strategy was grown overtime to include DSP, Affiliate and Influencer Marketing and Off Amazon marketing. Examples range from OTT advertising showing a Flairosol ad to potential shoppers during a Prime Video series to simple dynamic eCommerce remarketing designed to close a sale finally.

Initially, this was focused on two SKUs – the same reusable spray bottle with a different print on the bottle. The continued success opened up the opportunity to discuss product diversification with the client, which led to new lines being added to the Flairosol Amazon portfolio, which took what were already great results to incredible results.


The brand had a million-dollar product within 12 months of FordeBaker launching Flairosol on Amazon US. Alongside this, we helped remove countless copycat Flairosol products that were flooding Amazon which directly contributed to the success of Flairosol’s rapid D2C growth on Amazon.

Quality Products & Branding

FordeBaker prides itself on its ability to get quality star ratings which can make or break any brand on Amazon.

Across the Flairosol portfolio – we have a rating high performance of 4.9 for our coral print spray bottle and our lowest is still a 4.6 with our Olivia cooking oil spray bottle.

These star ratings and continued performance sees that we are now Amazon’s Choice and top 5 ranking position for ‘oil sprayer for cooking’ – with 30,000 monthly searches. That also led to winning the Amazon Choice badge, and all within the first 4 months of launching.

Quickly Rank For High Volume Keywords 

Not only were we able to quickly rank for high volume competitive keywords but importantly we were able to sustain our original rankings for high volume keywords for our original hair spray product.

Have a look at the graph below that showcases the improvement and sustained success for the term ‘spray bottle for hair’ which averages 72,000 searches per month.

The portfolio diversification saw seven additional SKUs added to the Amazon portfolio, which saw sales increase by 276%. The conversion rate remained consistent at around 17%, showing the willingness of customers to buy despite the premium price rate as the value had been communicated to them with persuasive content that targeted the right audience.

Achieving Number 1 Best Seller

Applying learnings from the launch of their first product into a new olive oil spray allowed us to achieve rapid sales growth and become the best selling product within the category within 6 months.

The introduction of new products meant that we achieved more sales within the first 3 months of 2023 compared to the entirety of 2022!

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