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456% Total YoY Sales Growth for Home Furnishings Brand


Organic Sales Growth in Q1 ’24





“With meticulous optimisation and strategic insights, we turned a struggling Amazon presence into a powerhouse of growth, achieving unprecedented sales surges and page 1 domination. Our collaboration with this brand showcases how perseverance and expertise can reshape the trajectory of a brand’s success story.”
Dan Deighton

Listing Optimisation Specialist

Our Home and Furniture brand is a family-run business with over 40 years of industry experience, and they are committed to creating a comfortable and welcoming space with expertly crafted bedding, bath linen, soft furnishings, and more.

They hired us with one key objective: to increase the value of organic sales for multiple duvet, pillows, and cushion ranges on Amazon UK, while also achieving and maintaining a 25% ACoS. With a full service provided, we achieved the holy grail of organic performance, increasing both visibility and conversion rate at the same time to unlock the brand’s true sales potential.


While our Home and Furniture brand have been successful in B2B commerce by selling to hotels and retail stores, they found the complexities of selling directly to consumers on Amazon a challenge. As well as this, the Amazon duvet category is highly competitive, and they struggled with a history of low sales and poor customer service on Amazon.

Moreover, not having a clear Amazon SEO strategy, a lack of retail-ready listings, and a difficulty in merging ASINs into variations all contributed to an overall poor shopping experience for their customers. 


To achieve the core objective of increasing organic sales, we began with meticulous keyword research of the duvet category to identify mid-tail keywords with low competition and high search volume.

These keywords were strategically and seamlessly integrated into titles, on-page copy, and backend metadata to optimise the listings for search visibility. This SEO and Listing Optimisation strategy was applied to each child ASIN to ensure increased visibility for all ASINs, creating an improved browsing experience for customers as the product pages were tailored to their search query.

This, and the insights gleaned from our keyword research, also informed the creation of visually attractive image galleries and an appealing premium A+ that incorporated video and dynamic content to make it stand out in what is already an ultra-competitive space on Amazon.

Our approach to enhancing these listings focused on leveraging comprehensive information about different pillow types and tog strengths to educate consumers and guide their purchasing decisions. By categorising pillows based on material, firmness, and intended use, and introducing tog ratings to indicate seasonal suitability, we empowered customers to make informed choices tailored to their comfort needs.

We also ran an analysis to identify what ASINs should be placed into a variation to help improve the customer’s shopping experience, this had the added benefit of combining review count, star ratings and organic rankings which, when all under the same parent, all contribute to listing success on Amazon.

Once the listings were retail-ready and child ASINs were successfully merged into variations, we activated highly targeted advertising campaigns to get the right eyes on the right product.

With a tailored SEO and Listing Optimisation strategy, we helped our Home and Furniture brand achieve their core objective for organic growth in sales by identifying opportunities and implementing best practices to create retail-ready product listings.

Sales Rank in the Duvet category skyrocketed from 280 to 30. This was delivered in large part by fixing very difficult technical issues that had stopped us from implementing the ideal variation structure. With all products now aggregated the review count increased from 123 to 298 (142% increase) with a star rating of 4.3*. 

142% Increase in Review Count

Sales Rank Increase from 280 to 30

With improved social proof from increase ratings and reviews plus other content improvements conversion rate increased by 140% (from 4.9% to 11.8%) and sessions by 191% (from 14,515 Q1 2023 to 27,741 Q1 2024)  to achieve the holy grail of simultaneous organic traffic and conversion rate improvement. 


Within just one month of implementing these strategies, total organic sales for the duvet range skyrocketed by 53%, and Page 1 organic rankings increased from 11 in June 2023 to 51 in Feb 2024 (363% increase).

While we achieved and maintained a monthly ACoS of 25% and created a robust advertising campaign, the duvet range’s growth was led by organic rankings that drove sales up from £18,252 in Jan 2024 to £52,970 in Feb 2024 (190% increase). Furthermore, there was a total sales revenue YoY increase for the duvets range of 456%, rising from £25,302 (2023) to £140,616 (2024).

This exemplifies that even the most challenging Amazon listings and setups can be effectively navigated, showing collaboration with FordeBaker can help brands redirect and chart a course towards success.

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