Want to Increase Sales on Amazon?

We Help Brands to Sell on Amazon

Whether you’re new to Amazon or been selling on Amazon for a long time we’ll improve performance and increase profit.

We work in a wide array of sectors including beauty, skincare, nutrition, office supplies, books and pet supplies. No matter what products you sell we have the experience to deliver results.

Turning Brands into Category Leaders

Leading skincare brand Heliocare came to us to launch on Amazon.

Our strategy consisted of a highly profitable PPC campaigns, thorough keyword research, well-crafted copy and collecting reviews.

With determination and consistent optimisation we took 3 of Heliocare’s products to the top of the sunscreen best seller ratings and achieved significant 7-figure revenue.

We Craft Amazon Strategies

Each client is different so we create tailored strategies and deploy the right blend of services to achieve brand and commercial goals.

Strategy services include

  • Vendor V Seller Central route to market analysis
  • International expansion
  • Pricing strategy
  • Competitor analysis and market research
  • Sales forecasting

The Only Amazon Agency You’ll Need

We provide a full range of Amazon marketing and operational services. Brands either fully delegate to us or select specific services.

Our Amazon marketing services include

  • Amazon PPC (AMS, AMG and programmatic)
  • Amazon SEO
  • Product launch & promotion strategy
  • Listing & store creation, copywriting & A+ content
  • Listing conversion rate optimisation

Expertise Without High Fees

We’re a highly experienced team that cover all bases when it comes to selling on Amazon.

There’s plenty of marketing, operational and strategic nouse at FordeBaker, just without the normal overheads that suck up client budgets.

We’re a globally distributed team with no central office. No overheads mean lower fees and more of your budget going into increasing your profit.

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Why Sell on Amazon

It’s far easier and quicker to start selling on Amazon than many brands realise.

Due to the enormous customer base any brand can start to generate sales from day 1.

It’s not all plain sailing. Amazon can be notoriously difficult to understand but with the right support and strategy the opportunities are unparalleled.

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Partnering with Consumer and B2B Brands Globally

We work with businesses across the globe and adapt to your schedule.

Not only do clients get a great service, it also means we have the experience to expand their reach across all major Amazon marketplaces in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Both consumer brands and B2B businesses work with FordeBaker. We are highly experienced in both sectors and know how to use the right Amazon tools to attract the right types of customers to your products.


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We Make Money for Clients

Large Office Supplies brand 

  • Launched and scaled Amazon advertising whilst keeping Cost of Sale (ACoS) below 15%
  • Set up and optimised Amazon Business features to increase bulk and repeat orders
  • Grossed over £2m by the end of 2019

Premium Skincare brand

  • Designed pricing strategy and automation
  • Optimised listings to achieve over 23% conversion rates
  • Grossed over $1.5m in the first year

What Our Happy Clients Have to Say

Head of Digital at Beauty Company
“The project is still ongoing and a lot of work is still in the development phase. We have seen immediate success with Amazon and fully expect that to continue to grow into a significant revenue stream for the brand.”
Digital Marketer at Office Supplies Company
“FordeBaker have been a great asset to the business. Their skills, knowledge and mindset to go above and beyond helped us scale and we look forward to continuing to work with them.”