How to Succeed as a New Seller on Amazon

Post by Tom Baker
18 Jan 2020
succeed on amazon

Amazon presents unprecedented opportunities but the learning curve can be daunting.

In partnership with our friends at, I have created this video to help brands understand how to sell on Amazon.

In it, I cover 5 key principles of designing your launch plan and how to optimise your presence on Amazon to increase sales.

  • How setting up on Amazon is easier than you think
  • How to choose the right fulfilment method – FBA V SFP V FBM
  • The importance of distribution, pricing strategy and winning the buy box
  • How Amazon ranks products and what you can do to accelerate this revenue generating flywheel
  • How to optimise listings to increase conversion rate and rapidly boost sales

I hope you find the video enlightening. Please do get in touch with us at if you have any questions about the points raised in the video or if you need support setting up and optimising your Amazon business.

Tom Baker

The guy writing this stuff. Previously worked in-house doing all sorts of marketing for start-ups and large brands. Now helping business to sell on Amazon and growth their D2C revenue

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