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Alcohol Sales Double on Amazon in 2020

Sales of Alcohol on more than doubled in 2020, with further growth predicted due to the ease of convenience it offers consumers


Sales Increase

“The key to a successful product launch is knowing which levers to pull and when. In this case we knew that promotions, discounting and a hyper-targeted keyword strategy would enable us to make the product highly visible when vast swathes of demand arrived in the lead up to Christmas.”

Sarah Tucker

Account Strategist, FordeBaker

About Tenjaku Whisky

Tenjaku is a Japanese Whisky with a pure, mellow flavour. A carefully selected and unprocessed whisky with pure, natural spring water that is expertly blended to create a distinctive taste. Charter Brands is Tenjaku’s UK distribution partner. Charter was established in 2012 to develop and launch its own range of premium spirits beverage brands for both the UK and International markets.

Alcohol Sales Double on Amazon in 2020

Sales of Alcohol on more than doubled in 2020, with further growth predicted due to the ease of convenience it offers consumers.

Analysis of alcohol sales data between July and October 2020 by Profitero shows a 121% increase compared with the same period in 2019. Much of the growth has been driven by spirits, with gin and whiskies sales, particularly booming on the site.

Selling in a Competitive Space

Tenjaku’s UK distribution partner had been selling the product on Amazon UK. Still, sales traction was low, and the product wasn’t gaining any market traction in the very competitive Whisky category. With many Japanese Whiskies on Amazon, it faced strong competition to get noticed.

Despite the existing Amazon presence, the Tenjaku listing was not optimized. It had no clear call out of the product USPs to entice potential consumers to choose it over the other available Japanese Whiskies on

Standing Out In a Crowd

The first thing FordeBaker did was create a product listing that was worthy of the Whiskie’s quality. With deep-dive keyword research and competitor analysis FordeBaker put together a listing with an optimized title, a compelling product narrative and images that grabbed shopper’s attention.

Alongside an optimized listing, FordeBaker kicked off with a well-researched ad strategy that immediately improved sales with paid media and promotions accelerating sales. This also increased organic brand impressions, leading to more sales and Amazon ordering more frequently and in greater quantities.

Complimented by First Class Delivery

FordeBaker set Tenjaku Whisky up on the Vendor Central Amazon program. The Vendor relationship means that Amazon works on a trade relationship with Charter as they have the UK’s exclusive distribution rights. Amazon buys Tenjaku, and it’s presented as dispatched from and sold by Amazon on the product listing page and is eligible for next day delivery. 

The Vendor relationship also opens up a whole host of promotional opportunities that can be considerably more difficult under the 3rd party seller relationship.

Vendor Central is invite-only meaning without a direct invite from Amazon many can’t start the Vendor process. However, FordeBaker has numerous contacts at Amazon that can help kick start the process.

Increasing Sales in the Alcohol Category

With the fully optimized Tenjaku listing only going live in June 2020, it has seen substantial growth in a short time frame including a Sales increase of over 450% in Q4 and a consecutive month on month growth of over 150% from October to December 2020.

This impressive growth is due to a strong advertising plan, fully optimized content and a solid promotional strategy.

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