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Breaking Amazon Sales Records

FordeBaker put into place a plan that would help grow revenue and brand awareness for LetsGetChecked that would also bring an audience to their wider product portfolio.


Month on month increase


YOY INcrease in revenue

“The client had very specific goals in mind. Growth, growth and more growth. Our strategy was solely focussed on hitting that topline objective. Building out the product range and aggressively pursuing sales through our PPC and Display campaigns proved to be just what the doctor ordered”

Thomas Baker

CEO, FordeBaker

About LetsGetChecked

LetsGetChecked is an at-home health testing platform that connects customers to regulated laboratory testing to better manage and control one’s individual health. LetsGetChecked is making healthcare and diagnostics open and patient-led, empowering people to use technology in a simple yet powerful way. This offers consumers greater control over their individual health. LetsGetChecked tests cover general wellness, sexual health, women’s health and men’s health.

From One Best Seller to A Whole Host of Best Sellers

As a well-funded start-up, LetsGetChecked wanted to continue building its brand and capture more market share on the competitive Amazon US Home Health Test marketplace. Despite having over 50 products listed on Amazon US, only one was generating sales, and it was becoming an increasing challenge to educate consumers on its entire product portfolio.

LetsGetChecked attempted several in-house strategies to bring visibility to the broader portfolio, but this all ended in higher advertising costs in relation to sales with low sales and no organic impact. The company had managed Amazon in-house but struggled to navigate Amazon’s regulatory and compliance policies which were becoming a blocker and hindering the sustained growth wanted from both a revenue and brand awareness perspective.

Competitor Analysis and Fine-Tuning Advertising Strategy

FordeBaker put into place a plan that would help grow revenue and brand awareness for LetsGetChecked that would also bring an audience to their wider product portfolio.

By carrying out comprehensive competitor brand research, FordeBaker was able to develop insights for the Home Health Test company’s advertising plan, which is crucial on the Amazon platform.

Placing the products close to complementary products first helped fine-tune the targeting of the product but also helped buyers on the Amazon platform to relate it to their consuming habits.

To action, this idea, a full analysis of all the competitor product options available was carried out which compared everything from product pricing to the overall marketplace strength and the brand story of other home health test brands.

With the previous analysis, we created a list of brands and ASINs per product and created a specific campaign to monitor spend and bids closely.

Breaking Amazon Sales Records

After just one month of the implementation of the new strategy, products that previously carried low weight in overall sales had increased their sales by 200% Month on Month (MoM). This increase helped to immediately achieve the objective to reach the consumer and buyers it wanted to with these products.

This approach also had the added benefit of boosting the sales of the already performing well product in the portfolio, and altogether LetsGetChecked saw a 38% YoY increase in revenue thanks to the tactics and optimization carried out by FordeBaker.


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