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Deep dive of the real data across each marketplace

This new structure allowed FordeBaker to decrease advertising spend in relation to sales by 30% in only four weeks.


Sales Increase

“It’s common for businesses to come to us as their business growth and complexity begins to hold them back. This case was no different. Our ability to quickly diagnose problems and create solutions led to rapid growth that had been out of reach for Écrin de Fleur before we partnered with them.”

Marta Salas Colera

Senior Marketing Manager, FordeBaker

About Écrin De Fleur

Écrin De Fleur offers a wide variety of certified organic soaps, suitable for all types of skin. Each formulation is distinguished by a specific natural ingredient and conveys a unique and authentic experience. Organic plant oils are selected for their soap base and essential oils for the scents. It follows a slow, cold, vegan processing technique to ensure all essential nutrients from the plants remain preserved in the soaps.

Industry Landscape

According to a recent report by Fior Markets, the global beauty and personal care products market is expected to grow from $493 billion in 2018 to $756 billion by 2026 at a compound annual growth rate of 5.81% from 2019 to 2026.

Beauty and personal care is a multi-billion pound industry that constantly shows growth even at times when sales of other consumer products can slow or stagnate and is one of the most popular categories across all Amazon marketplaces.

Our Strategy

Despite being a relatively entrepreneurial start-up in the beauty industry, Écrin De Fleur had a pan European presence in a very competitive niche. Vegan beauty products are an increasingly competitive niche, and the brand found that they weren’t selling in the numbers they wanted due to the competitive space.

Despite having active advertising campaigns for two years and having tried other Amazon consultancies to help in the past, they still had a high advertising spend in relation to its sales, which negatively affected its bottom line across its presence in the German, French, Spanish, Italian and English marketplaces.

The first thing we did was carry out a deep dive of the real data across each marketplace. By carrying out this analysis, we were able to add structure across each advertising account and optimize them accordingly.

After learning what worked in the past and what didn’t, FordeBaker re-structured campaigns to optimise performance around keyword and product combinations that would deliver the highest Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

The Results

This new structure allowed FordeBaker to decrease advertising spend in relation to sales by 30% in only four weeks. Moreover, that translated into a 140% sales increase, which exceeded the client goal.


Are you in Beauty industry?

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