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Opportunity to take significant market share

Restructuring advertising campaigns led to the Return on Ad Spend increasing from 3 to 15 with £1 creating £15 revenue


total revenue growth

“Success came through close collaboration with the Digital ID team and everyone playing to their strengths. We’re not precious about how we deliver our services. All that matters is delivering against our objectives”

Thomas Baker

CEO, FordeBaker

About Digital ID

Digital ID is the UK’s largest ID card company offering a complete solution focused service that helps its customers businesses and their employees stay secure. They provide a range of products and services such as plastic ID card printing, ID card printers and Lanyards tailored to meet any customer requirement. With over 20,000 unique customers, Digital ID has shipped its products to over 100 countries worldwide.

From B2B Specialist to Worldwide Presence

The Access Control market is on an upward trajectory with the need to enhance safety and security across businesses, significantly adding to market growth globally. Rapid developments in cloud computing and access control over the past decade have meant that there is ample opportunity for Digital ID to increase profits.

However, despite selling on Amazon Digital ID was struggling to achieve the significant growth they wanted, and that would align with the global demand and growth of the Access Control market. The company needed specialist help in the Amazon ecosystem to get its products in front of the right audience, at the right time.

Our Strategy

FordeBaker could see that the opportunity to take significant market share in the Access Control marketplace existed. By developing strategies that would help Digital ID fine-tune their influence in the Amazon marketplace, it would ultimately achieve the significant growth it wanted.

The first of these strategies was to restructure the advertising campaigns that Digital ID was already running and to optimise them to be as high-performing as possible. This included the optimisation of their existing pricing strategy to out-compete other resellers that they had been competing with on various Amazon marketplaces.

This was coupled with a revision of the companies’ fulfilment processes to reduce costs and improve conversion rates across their Amazon portfolio of products

7 x Revenue Growth

Restructuring advertising campaigns led to the Return on Ad Spend increasing from 3 to 15 with £1 creating £15 revenue. This was a significant jump that saw the client experience 7x total revenue growth.

Furthermore, by revising the fulfilment processes and developing competitor pricing strategies, FordeBaker was able to bring down DigtialID’s costs and improve conversion rates which have enabled them to out-compete resellers and dominate the all-important Amazon buy box for its products.


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