We’re Going Up in the world

Today, I’m delighted to announce that we’ve secured a significant 6-figure investment to accelerate our plans to become Europe’s leading Amazon marketing and operations agency.

For you good people that haven’t heard of us before I wanted to share more about the business, our culture, team and the big plans we have to improve the way the brands engage with Amazon.

What is FordeBaker?

FordeBaker is a full-service Amazon agency. That means we provide every type of service that a business needs to operate an Amazon store and market their products throughout the Amazon ecosystem.

We work with consumer and B2B clients in North America, Europe and Australia. We specialise in launching brands on to Amazon, optimising existing stores and ultimately making Amazon a profitable venture for all clients.

The service is very broad but in a nutshell it covers

  • Strategy
  • Fulfilment and logistics consultancy
  • PPC and Display Advertising
  • SEO
  • Content Production
  • Promotions
  • Customer analysis

Our mantra is to turn brands into Amazon bestsellers. And that’s exactly what we do.

Who are FordeBaker

We are an international team of experienced marketers, content producers, strategists and operations experts.

The company was founded by me, Tom Baker, in early 2019. I had previously spent 18 months launching a toy startup on to Amazon globally. Whilst we had a very successful time it was tough.

Amazon is 100% self-service. There was very little good 3rd party advice available on the web. And most importantly Amazon is an arcane, complicated and sometimes frustrating experience.

I wanted other brands to be just as successful as I was but without going through the pain and tedium of making costly mistakes.

I’m pleased to say that the company lives up to that goal. We now help a wide range of brands to launch on Amazon and to begin generating sales very quickly.

Here are some recent successes

  • Premium skin care brand achieves 2020 profit target by June.
  • UK office supplies and access control business see 7X revenue growth in 2020
  • Pan-European toiletries brand experience 48% revenue two months after partnering with FordeBaker

Our commitment to understanding each client’s goals, brand, products and ways of working enable us to move fast, minimise risks and build sustainable Amazon businesses.

Why Have we Attracted Investment?

We’ve quickly gained traction and a fantastic roster of clients.

On top of that is the obvious fact that Amazon is dominant and only set to become more dominant as the great adoption of ecommerce accelerates.

At a slightly more granular level I see 3 important trends which make engaging with Amazon in some shape or form a prerequisite for most product brands.

  • The traditional method of selling to a distributor who then takes care of local market activity is breaking down. Amazon is not just a point of sale and requires a proactive team that understand how to sell a product, not just get it onto a shelf. More and more brands are moving towards an agency approach to Amazon.
  • Sell where your consumers buy – it sounds obvious, but brands that engage with Amazon and manage their presence on Amazon will provide a better brand and customer experience to people buying their products. Companies that acknowledge Amazon’s position in the market and work with those realities are prospering.
  • The pandemic has accelerated the trend towards buying online and more specifically buying on Amazon. Once people experience Amazon Prime, purchasing on Amazon becomes habitual.

What Are Our Plans?

We have an ambitious vision to be the leading Amazon agency in Europe. We share our expertise and ability to deliver results to more brands. There are too many brands that either don’t understand Amazon or sell on Amazon but underwhelm.

Things can be so much better than that. Our clients will attest to it.

Brands need to know that there are highly qualified, specialist agencies that can provide an all-round Amazon service. Not just running ads. We treat Amazon as a PnL and provide the holistic support across marketing, content, strategy and operations to optimise towards becoming a best seller and highly profitable.

That’s our offering and differentiation. We will now be bringing that vision to a wider array of clients backed up by a world class team.

Working at FordeBaker

The most important thing we will do with this money is invest in even more talented Amazon specialists.

We will hire in three key areas.

  1. Advertising – Amazon is already a dominant advertising platform and they’ve only just scratched the surface. We are looking for the brightest search, programmatic and OTT advertisers out there.
  2. Account Strategy – we need people that know how Amazon works inside-out. People that know how to sell through Vendor and Seller Central. Smart, far-sighted people that can develop the right objectives and strategies for our clients.
  3. Sales and Marketing – the business is ready to accelerate its growth but we need people to help us connect with the right brands and people. If you are well connected in the FMCG world and can attract brands then we want to hear from you. Our business development strategy encompasses traditional sales and content marketing. Our sales strategy will further enhance our existing global reach.

If any of these functions interest you then please get in touch – tom@fordebaker.com. We are more interested in your character, desire and ability to delivery results than how much experience you have with Amazon. I’m looking for people that can go along way with the company not just for today’s needs.

What Makes FordeBaker Different?

I haven’t necessarily set out to make my business radically different from any other agency. I do however have a strong set of principles which are shaping the team culture.

Those principles have been honed through 13 years of working in online businesses. They feel true to who I am and the type of environment that I believe enables people to do their best work.

  • Agency is everything – individual have full control of where and when they work. People do their best work when they feel in control.
  • Remote working – we are a fully-distributed team. This is a pre-covid decision. It means I can attract the best talent in what is still a relatively small talent pool. More importantly it reduces our overheads and enhances the team’s sense of autonomy
  • We’re building the company DNA – a marketing agency lives and dies by it’s ability to execute. Every day we are enhancing our process, tools and guidelines. Systematic frameworks designed by experienced operators are what set us apart from your average Amazon agency
  • We attract and seek new hires that are self-motivated, team players, and excellent communicators. People that embrace challenges, have an instinct to act and take responsibility thrive at FordeBaker

So that’s us. Thanks for showing an interest in who we are and what we do. If you’re considering selling on Amazon or you need help to improve your Amazon performance then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Thomas Baker, Founder at FordeBaker

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