The New & Improved Amazon Brand Story Feature

Amazon has treated brands to a multitude of ways to entice customers beyond the traditional Amazon listing and enhance the brand narrative on the biggest eCommerce platform of them all. A+ Content and Amazon storefronts have long allowed savvy brands to create content that helps drive conversions, and now there are even more ways to do just that. 

Amazon now has the Brand Story feature available, enabling registered brands to go further by telling their brand story above the A+. However, Brand Story on Amazon is available only to sellers with Amazon Brand Registry.

Brand Stories appear below the listing bullet points and above the product description and A+ Content on the product detail page.

 This also has the added benefit of telling the brand story separately while being more product-focused with the A+ itself. The Brand Story module can be found within the A+ Content Manager. It is yet another step showing the importance of visually rich information on the Amazon platform, you can also view our blog on Amazon image product conversation optimisation on how strong images leads to a higher chance of purchase.

We’ll show you how to access and create a Brand Story on Amazon in the article below. We’ll cover some of the basics of creating a Brand Story feature and the best practices associated with this unique type of Amazon brand registered content.

Creating a Brand Story on Amazon

To start creating your Brand Story, follow these steps below:

  1. Log into Amazon Seller Central. Go to ‘A+ Content Manager, which can be found under the Advertising tab.

  1. Select ‘Start creating A+ content’ on the top right of the page.

  1. Select ‘Start creating A+ content’ on the top right of the page.

  1. Once in the Brand Story screen, you’ll see the below where you can input a content name, brand carousel background module that can include a background image, headline text and body text. The headline text has a max of 30 characters and the body text has a maximum of 135 characters.

  1. Once you click ‘Add background image’ you will be presented with the requirements for the image, which you can see in the screenshot below:

It is highly recommended to add a carousel background image because of how the content will appear on mobile. Shoppers will have to scroll to see the first module, which they may not intuitively know to do. Hence, a solid and compelling background has a two-fold benefit of being aesthetically pleasing and brand-centric while also guiding the shopper to the Brand Story content.

  1. Once you have the brand story content name and carousel background, you can scroll down to find the ‘Add Module button, which once clicked will give you a list of four Brand Story Content Module options:
  • Brand ASIN & Store Showcase
  • Brand Focus Image
  • Brand Logo & Description
  • Brand Q&A

These four Brand Story centric modules allow you to showcase your brand’s purpose and showcase your products visually. This is a further opportunity for Amazon to personalise content and let brands with compelling stories and products shine through.

  1. We’ve listed the requirements for each of the different modules below. It’s worth noting that you can also provide keywords that can help improve search visibility for each image.

Brand Logo & Description

You can add up to 450 characters for the body text

Image must be at least 315 x 145 pixels

Module Benefit: Ideal for branding. This can elevate brand awareness by having your logo and an about us section that could be used for company vision or values and product benefits.

Brand ASIN & Store Showcase

Headline text max 30 characters.

Includes the ability to link Storefront, and as such, we advise using these characters to create a call-to-action. Additionally, you can add images for four ASINs, and those images will link to the respective listing pages.

Module Benefit: Great for highlighting related products. It can act similarly to the comparison chart on the A+ but is more suitable (as the current comparison chart doesn’t translate well on mobile). It also ensures that shoppers on the page looking for something slightly different will find what they are looking for via the store and not flick their eyes towards the competition instead.

Brand Focus Image

Headline text can be a max of 30 characters 

Body text can be up to 135 characters

*both the headline text and body text is optional

Images  – 362 x 453 pixel minimum 

Module Benefit: Display your product line in a visually captivating way or use the space to increase brand awareness by showcasing a recent award win. 

Brand Q&A

Select from 4 preset questions or your own custom questions

600 Characters max for the entire module from 3 questions

Module Benefit: Preset questions with personalised answers allow you to provide more structured brand information and can be used to demonstrate core topics and values related to your brand.

  1. Once you’ve selected the modules you want to, click add ASINs. You can then add your Amazon Brand Story to multiple listings at once via a bulk upload on the next screen. Simply copy and paste all ASINs into the box. After that, click ‘Next: Review and Submit.’ It should show live within 24 hours if approved.

Here’s One We Made Earlier

Here’s an Amazon Brand Story we created for one of our beauty and personal care brands. We leveraged the insights from their own website and social media pages to create a Brand Story suitable for Amazon that helps maintain brand consistency across their various other online channels.

Brand Story Benefits

Amazon Brand Story enables you to set yourself apart from the competition, reinforce your branding and showcase more of your product catalogue, which will help drive sales. However, there are some considerations to deal with. One issue is that it will push the A+ further down the page, which you may be hesitant to do if the A+ is working well already. On the other hand, curious shoppers will scroll through and view the modules quickly and easily. Plus, the addition of a more compelling brand story can have further benefits, such as: 

Building Trust

The Brand Story section is made for telling your company’s story, showcasing your mission and values and talking about the people behind the products. It offers the ability to be transparent about what’s on offer and humanise and connect with shoppers on a more personable level.

Product Upsell

You can display more of your product line thanks to the carousel style format that makes scrolling easy for the shopper and increases the time spent looking at your brand and products. If the product on the page isn’t to their liking, they may see another product more to their liking. Plus, it makes access to the Storefront easier to navigate and find for the shopper.

Unique Value Proposition 

You can use the Brand Story to highlight competitive advantages and specifically address how your solve shoppers pain points.

Brand Awareness

Amazon shoppers are spoiled for choice and are unlikely to visit your brand website for further information, so it’s the ideal add on that allows them to research the company behind the product. In addition, a compelling brand narrative it’ll increase the likelihood of a shopper remembering your brand, especially useful for those shoppers who may not need the item right there and then but could come back in the future. 

Overall, the Amazon Brand Story is valuable to Amazon’s range of branding tools and is worth testing out. Perhaps you have some low performing ASINs that could do with a kick start or high performing ones that you’d like to do even better. It’s worth doing the research and seeing how it will help you maximise your brand story and lead to higher customer engagement and sales. We’ve been working with Brand Story to create unique content experiences that complement your brand. If you have any questions on how Brand Story can be used to improve your listings, we are happy to advise. Drop us a line at

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