Amazon Marketing Manager

Post by Tom Baker
29 Oct 2019

The Role

This role is required due to considerable growth in the client base and the services offered to those clients.

It is suited to someone that loves responsibility, accountability and delivering results.

It is a career defining role that includes

  • Devising strategy and execution of Amazon paid media strategies – this is the core focus of the role
  • Developing Amazon stores strategies to improve conversion and sales – optimising listings, SEO, promotions, affiliate marketing
  • Depending your experience there will be opportunities to run Google and Paid Social campaigns too

You will also contribute to developing the agency so it can scale quickly. For example,

  • Developing processes and frameworks to optimise performance
  • Developing new business through blogging, conference speaking, webinars and other methods

I am not interested in how many years you have been working in marketing. I am interested in whether you have achieved results and your desire for personal growth.

You may not necessarily have any experience with Amazon PPC but must have demonstrable expertise in Google Ads as this will easily transfer to Amazon. You will also have experience working with e-commerce brands. It does not matter whether your experience is in-house, freelance or at agency.

Please demonstrate how you achieved results and evidence not only that you can run campaigns but also devise strategy in your CV and cover letter.

What Does the Agency Do?

Presently, FordeBaker is a one man band. I offer Amazon and Ecommerce consultancy services. The client base and demand from those clients has expanded to the extent that I require full-time paid media expertise.

Most of our clients are product brands that are selling on Amazon. They are mostly consumer products though I do have B2B clients. Clients are based in the UK, mainland Europe, United States and Australia.

My clients are active in a wide range of sectors including skincare, office supplies, nutrition, pet supplies, clothing, stationery and books.

I provide a full-service offering to fully manage the entire operation of selling on Amazon.  PPC is a core part of the service.

I also provide marketing strategy consultancy for clients. Some of those clients also sell direct to the customer through their own websites. Due to successes selling on Amazon those clients are now commissioning me to run paid social and search engine marketing activity. 

The Ideal Candidate

The type of person that I’m looking for will exhibit these behaviours

  • Tenacity
  • Ambition 
  • A love of learning
  • Not afraid to try things
  • Embrace challenges
  • Instinct to act

The role is open to anyone in any location. The only limitation is that you must be available to speak with clients in the US, UK and mainland Europe during their normal working hours.

If you are based in London then there is opportunity to co-work in Hackney with like-minded businesses in a small shared office space.

There are no set hours and no set ways of doing things. This is an opportunity to do your best work and take control of your work-life balance.

If you’re not in London then we will communicate via Google Meet and email. If you are UK based then we will arrange regular face-to-face meetings. I am based in East London. If you would like to learn more about me please visit my Linkedin profile


The benefits come from getting in early, influencing the agency’s long-term growth and growing with the business. You will also have exposure to many other aspects of ecommerce and the opportunity to broaden your skillset. If you want certainty, a fancy office and lots of ancillary benefits then this isn’t the right role for you. 

Salary is dependent on experience. There is also a bonus scheme linked to bringing in new business. You will be supplied with a laptop and 25 holidays (plus public holidays).

How To Apply

Please email me at with your CV and a cover letter explaining why you are interested in this role, especially why you’re interested in joining a young agency, and what makes you a good fit to take on that challenge.

Tom Baker

The guy writing this stuff. Previously worked in-house doing all sorts of marketing for start-ups and large brands. Now helping business to sell on Amazon and growth their D2C revenue

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